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Nestled in the hills near historic Parkville, Missouri, this beautiful home is located in The Hills of Monticello in Parkville, MO

Home owners, Kim and Lynn Hill, considered buying a new home, however, after reviewing their options, chose to take on a remodel of their current home. Their contractor of choice, Ryan Propheter, owner of Pro Builders in Weston, Missouri.

CSW. ProBuilders Kitchen.4In planning the remodel, this couple turned to Ryan Propheter of Pro Builders. They had used Ryan for other updates in their 3,000+ sq. ft. home in the past. Their experience with Ryan on previous remodel projects had been nothing short of exquisite. The Hills knew that Ryan would deliver on quality and continuity for this 430 sq. ft. addition and remodel. “Ryan’s work and attention to detail is exactly what we wanted as we planned for this remodel.” stated Kim Hill.


Pro Builders | Detailed Woodwork on Ceiling

hill.ProBuild Woodwork

Wood work and trim done by Ryan Propheter

Pro Builders is owned and operated by Ryan T Propheter who has years of experience in all aspects of home construction including, but not limited to, rough-in, roofing, concrete, siding, windows, interior trim, painting and drywall. Since 1994 Pro Builders has been building speculative and custom homes. For this project, Ryan and his team would be using all of their talents.CSW. ProBuilders Kitchen.1

The kitchen includes custom-made, solid pecan cabinets, designed and made by Ryan, one of his many talents. The upper cabinets have color-changing interior lighting with options for red, yellow, blue or green light. Wood floors, a large pantry, and beautiful hanging lights to accent the space were planned.

The team at Canaan Stone Works were Ryan Propheter’s choice for the fabrication and installation of the granite used throughout the kitchen. Kim wanted a large island that would be the center focal point of the remodeled kitchen. This island, planned at 10′ x 10′,  would include 2 under-mount sinks and would be custom fabricated of Mascarello granite. Mascarello granite is also used on surrounding kitchen countertops. This type of granite is a very beautiful stone with a variety of colors and veins that flow in different directions. In order to strengthen this type of granite to be used as countertops, they undergo a process called resinization, where epoxy resin is used to fill the weak spots of these stones.  These slabs, with careful handling, do not break or crack once they are installed, with proper care.  If any problem does happen, it will happen during fabrication or transportation. “I was extremely concerned about the fabrication, transportation, and installation of this island,” said Wendell Maness, sales for CSW. “This is the largest island we had done to date and I did not want to disappoint our client.”

Granite DeliveryNeedless to say, great care was taken during fabrication, transporting and installation to ensure best quality was delivered for the finished island. The island consists of two large slabs of mirrored Mascarello granite carefully seamed together, resulting in a stunning menagerie of color. “We call it our ‘Polar bear’ counter,” states Kim. “When you stand at the end of the counter and look at the pattern, you can see the colors and veining appear to form the shape of a white bear.”CSW.Polarbear Granite Countertop

Additional contractors included Edwards Design Company, Christopher Edwards,  Genesis Home Improvements, Damon Fowler, and Works of Art.CSW. ProBuilders

“We are very delighted with the finished space,” states Kim. “Ryan Propheter did a beautiful job. It did take much longer than we anticipated, but it was well worth it. We highly recommend Pro Builders, and the team at Canaan Stone Works. Our countertops are the first things guests mention when they visit our home.”

To contact Ryan Propheter of Pro Builders, call 816.812.5555 or email Ryan@ProBuildersofKC.com
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