We are excited to begin out blog page with this initial article on kitchen trends for natural stone countertops. Future blogs will provide stories, images and articles about current trends, helpful articles on maintenance of your stone and natural green products and we will introduce you to our team with highlighted feature of installs.

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While not a new trend, a good choice for the gathering room of your home, your kitchen, it only makes sense to use the most versatile and beautiful natural stone for your countertops.

Marble brings polished elegance to kitchens. Choices are many and finished counter top results are beautiful.

Marble brings polished elegance to kitchens. Choices are many and finished countertop results are beautiful.

Natural stones are making their way into kitchens everywhere and they’re gorgeous. Marble, granite, soapstone and slate are a few of the most common kitchen countertop stones that are trending. Of course with any home upgrade, there’s personal preference and pros and cons to take into account before making a decision.

Marble: Marble is specifically being installed to bring polished elegance to kitchens. The surface is smooth and cool which is ideal for baking and rolling dough. The downside is that marble does stain and scratch more easily than granite.

Granite: The only natural stones harder than granite are diamonds, rubies and sapphires. This should tell you how durable and functional granite is in a kitchen. It’s by far one of the most common natural stone countertop materials used by homeowners.

Soapstone & Slate: Timeless soapstone and slate are beautiful options, but they’re two stones where you’re going to have less colors and designs to choose from. Soapstone is incredibly durable, but still needs some regular care and cleaning to look it’s best. Overall, soapstone and slate are both pretty much maintenance free.

While there are a myriad of materials to choose for your countertops, natural stone continues to be one of the top picks for kitchens and baths.

There are not only tasteful kitchen countertop options trending in 2016, but also reasonably priced ones. Installing new countertops or  is a big project. We want to make sure you’re fully informed of the latest developments in kitchen counters before making any big decisions. Call us for a free estimate or consult. We’re happy to help!