For several years now, Stephanie has been studying granite, quartz, marble, tile and sinks. Learning the properties and types of stone is large part of Stephanie’s training. She combines this with learning and keeping current with sink types, faucets, flanges and mounting styles. Fortunately, Stephanie has a natural eye for design and a key understanding of timeless, trendy and traditional features. She is a great asset to the C.S.W. team

Choose the tile, sink, faucet and other items to go with your custom countertops
Stephanie will guide you in selecting granite, quartz, tile, sinks, faucets and other accessories for your stone countertops.

In the fall of 2018, C.S.W. opened a second showroom, located at 23764 W. 82nd Terrace in Shawnee, KS. Stephanie stepped in to provide design and sales services for customers. Her skills compliment the company goal of providing complete service for customers seeking help and guidance in selecting the best stone for their custom fabricated countertops. “We are first experts in fabrication and installation of custom countertops and second, have the knowledge to guide you in choosing the best tile, sinks and faucets and other accessories to go with your stone countertops. We walk you through the process and help you to choose the tile and sink designs that are quality made, functional and will withstand the test of time,” says Stephanie.

Choosing tile to compliment your custom fabricated countertops
Selecting the perfect backsplash for your custom granite or quartz countertops is one of Stephanie’s specialities

Stephanie has tackled several major renovations in her own home. She and husband Mike are currently remodeling their own 1980’s home. Using bold colors, brushed granite countertops and customizing kitchen, baths and more in their home. Most importantly, Stephanie’s experience is a great asset for clients needing help for new home or remodeling projects.

CSW has full-size granite and quartz slabs available to choose from
CSW has full-size and partial slabs of granite and quartz available for you to choose for your countertop project.

CSW has 2 showrooms to serve customers

Canaan Stone Works has 2 showrooms that offer full and partial slabs of granite and quartz. You will also find tile options for floor and backsplash, full-size sinks with optional faucets and a lot of help to make decisions for your project. Recently C.S.W. added Stonetech® products. STONETECH® surface care products are reliable, high performing, thoroughly tested. We offer a 15-year residential stain protection warranty. Ask us about this valuable warranty to protect your investment.

CSW offers a selection of sinks and faucets for your custom made granite and/or quartz countertops
CSW offers a selection of sinks and faucets for your custom made granite and/or quartz countertops

Customers visiting CSW’s showrooms will discover this team caters to customers who don’t require a full-service designer. Most importantly, these customers want guidance in choosing the products that will complement their countertops. CSW is here for those who find pride in supporting local businesses. From full-size slabs of granite and quarts to sinks, faucets and tile, they welcome all to come visualize firsthand how their products will elevate your custom fabricated stone countertops.

Sink accessories such as sink grates, faucets, flanges and other items are available at our showroom
CSW offers a selection of sinks and faucets for your custom made granite and/or quartz countertops. Available at the Shawnee, Kansas and Leavenworth, Kansas locations.
From sinks to faucets, large stone slabs and products to clean and protect your granite and/or quartz countertops
The sales team at CSW will guide you through all aspects of granite and/or quartz countertop fabrication and installation. You will find all of the accessories you need for your project in our showrooms.

Locally owned and operated

Canaan Stone Works, LLC was founded in 2005 by Jerry Lee. This is a locally owned and operated company serving the Kansas City metro area. They are a one-stop source for custom fabrication and installation of natural and engineered stone countertops. Their team has over 45 years of combined experience in fabrication and installation of stone countertops.  This team is committed to delivering the highest quality end products, using the best equipment, technology and tools available.  CSW works with home builders, remodelers, other contractors and individual homeowners.

C.S.W. offers STONETECH products to clean, maintain and enhance your granite and/or quartz countertops. As your sales associate about the benefits of using STONETECH products.

CSW Shawnee Showroom: 23764 W. 82nd Terrace in Shawnee, KS 66227
CSW Leavenworth Showroom: 4851 S. 13th St., Leavenworth, KS 66048