Beautiful Quartz Countertops for Olathe Kitchens

Canaan Stone Works is your leading local provider of stunning quartz countertops near you. We provide high-grade quartz and granite countertops across Overland Park, Olathe, and Kansas City. With a formidable reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and amazing installations, we are the provider of choice for customers who want to enjoy the visual appeal and practical benefits which a customized quartz countertop installation can bring.

Complete Measuring, Fitting and Installation Service

When you use Canaan Stone Works for your premium quartz countertops, you’re working with a company that offers expert advice and information at every stage of your countertop project. Our team has an excellent knowledge of the various types of quartz on offer, enabling us to come up with a choice that’s right for your home and your budget. Amazingly, it’s often possible to enjoy a stunning quartz countertop for far less than you might think!

Once you’ve decided on the quartz that’s going to be right for you, we’ll measure up, then prepare your countertops at our showroom, using heavy-duty, specialist masonry equipment. When convenient, our team will drop by and install your countertops, fixing them firmly in position to provide an eye-catching kitchen feature. We are also on-hand to offer aftercare information, as well as assist in the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your quartz countertops.

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Quartz or Granite Countertops?

As quartz and granite countertop installers near me, we get a lot of questions regarding the benefits of installing quartz countertops over granite options.

Canaan Stone Works is a provider that works with both quartz and granite, installing countertops made of both materials. In our professional opinion, neither is superior to the other, they both offer slightly different advantages.

The key benefits of quartz are:

  • It’s possible to obtain quartz in more colors than you can find granite in, making it easier to find a shade that will fit with your kitchen decor.
  • Quartz is made from a mixture of quartz fragments and resin. As such, it demonstrates greater uniformity of color than granite, which is a 100% natural material.
  • Quartz doesn’t require sealing in the same way that granite usually does.
  • Quartz is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance.
  • This is a countertop that’s resistant to staining and bacteria.
Quality granite, mining in Brazil, Canaan Stone Works, Bedrock International, fabrication, installation, countertops, vanities, home bar, fireplace mantels
Quality granite, mining in Brazil, Canaan Stone Works, Bedrock International, fabrication, installation, countertops, vanities, home bar, fireplace mantels

The advantages of granite are:

  • Each piece of granite is unique.
  • Granite is 100% natural.
  • Granite will last almost indefinitely.

Ultimately, customers tend to pick either quartz or granite primarily based on appearance: with a wider selection of colors to offer, quartz is often the choice that’s easier to match with your proposed palette. When it comes to granite, the relative lack of color variation means kitchens often need to be planned around the countertop color.

Quartz Care and Maintenance

Getting the best from the quartz countertops Overland Park residents have installed requires some basic maintenance and on-going care. As seasoned quartz countertop fabricators near you, we recommend the following tips to keep your quartz countertops looking good:

      • Use dish detergent and a soft, damp cloth to keep your countertop clean.
      • Mop up spillages promptly. This will reduce the risk of staining.
      • Don’t chop directly on the surface – use a suitable chopping board.
      • Don’t place hot pans on the countertop – use a trivet or keep them on the stove.
      • If you want to give your quartz countertops an extra bit of sparkle, cleaning them with glass cleaner can achieve some exceptional results.

In general, quartz countertops are very easy to care for, and, if treated well, will last for many years.

Quartz FAQs

Looking for quartz countertop installers near you who can answer all your queries? Canaan Stone Works is here to help! Read on to discover what our customers want to know about quartz countertop installations.

Do I need to seal a quartz countertop?

In a word, no! Although quartz is a naturally occurring mineral, a quartz countertop is a mixture of resin and small chips of quartz. As such, it’s naturally resistant to moisture. While spills still need to be mopped up promptly to minimize the risk of staining, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed in the same way as granite.

I have a stain on my quartz countertop, what to do?

Stains can usually be removed using a suitably formulated proprietary cleaner, warm water, and a soft rag. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can also be used to remove stubborn stains. If these measures don’t work, get in touch, and we will usually be able to carry out a small repair on your quartz countertop, restoring it to its former glory!

I have a chip on my countertop, can it be repaired?

It is quite difficult to chip a quartz countertop, as quartz is extremely tough. If your countertop has had the misfortune to suffer damage, Canaan Stone Works has skilled quartz and granite countertop fabricators near me who will be able to put it right for you.

How long does a quartz countertop last for?

Quartz is an extremely durable material. Provided it’s taken proper care of, it will last for decades. Immune to the effects of moisture and sunlight, quartz doesn’t fade, warp, or crack. Although a quartz countertop is a significant investment, once in place, it will provide many years of exceptional performance.

Will my quartz countertops all match?

Quartz tends to have more uniformity of color than granite, as it is made in batches. This makes it easier to get a uniform look. Each piece of granite is individual, which means each countertop will have a slightly different pattern and color variation.


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