CSW.Portfolio 3Portfolio Kitchen & Home was selected by homeowners, Jim & Chris, to provide expertise in designing a kitchen addition to their home in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The team at Portfolio was confident of their ability to deliver the exquisite design update requested. The focus of the remodel was designing a light, bright and open kitchen that reflected the couple’s style.

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Portfolio Kitchen & Home specializes in providing premium design and cabinetry for residential and commercial clients throughout the Midwest and beyond. Portfolio designers work with Kansas City’s foremost architects, developers, builders and designers on projects ranging from residential homes to commercial hospitality kitchens and multi-unit lofts and condos.
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The design team at Portfolio Kitchen & Home tapped Steve Lee at Canaan Stone Works to manage the challenge of custom fabricating Lucent Quartzite for perimeter countertops and a backlit kitchen island. The team at CSW rose to the challenge.

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Shown above: Graham with CSW, Levi with H&S Electric, Kyle with CSW, and Frank with J E Meyer Construction.

This remodeled kitchen is planned with a 103″ x 48″ island that is backlit using Light Tape®. Light Tape® EL Lamps are a completely dimmable uniform flat light with no hot or cold spots. This material seamlessly covers any surface without the need for diffusion.  Thinner than a credit card, this flat light source is custom made to any shape. The entire surface of this large kitchen island is a light source.

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Kitchen Island | 103″ x 48″ Lucent Quartzite | Custom Fabricated

Lucent Quartzite, used in this kitchen addition, is a metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. It’s extracted from a quarry and formed into finished slabs that become  countertops, as well as tiles for floors, walls, and backsplashes. “This is a beautiful quartzite,” states Lee. “Countertops and island this size will normally take about 3-4 hours to cut. This stone is so dense it took over 8 hours to cut.”

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The Team from CSW prepares to place the Lucent Quartzite countertop slab over the top of the Light Tape®.

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Custom island with fabricated Lucent Quartzite countertop. Beautifully carved wood corbels support and accent the countertop while creating an architectural look.

Shown above is the center island when lighted in the evening. Delivers a dramatic effect of color and texture in this beautiful kitchen.

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Gochenour.CSW 1a - CopyThis beautifully remodeled kitchen delivers an exquisite design with attention to detail. The craftsmanship of the custom-made cabinets have a distinct one-of-a kind look while adding functionality. Crown molding and elegant chandelier are the final touches that reflect the individual taste of the homeowners.

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