You read that right. We are very excited about our new addition, a free standing work station bridge crane, GORBEL® 2000.

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So here’s the scoop. Moving large slabs through our facility has been difficult work. Large stone slabs were loaded and unloaded with fork trucks, causing challenges with safety, productivity and space. There is also a lot of stress caused by the fact that slabs are hand picked by customers and damage to the slab would be a costly and time-consuming mistake.

“We would place a large slab on a dolly, balance it as best we could, and physically move it to the CNC machine or after it was cut, move it to a holding area. Usually it took four men to accomplish this.” – Jerry Lee, Owner, Canaan Stone Works

Worker's safety, efficiency in manufacturing, ease of fabrication

Our latest addition of the GORBEL 1 ton crane makes moving stone easier and ensures high quality stone slabs are moved safety, and without damage to the slab or our team.

Now, productivity has increases due to the ease of movement made possible with the crane system. The risks of personal injury and product damage are greatly reduced. The operators love the easy to move crane and it is definitely less tiring than manually lifting 1,000 lbs.!


We are so pleased with the final results and encourage you to stop by! We love to show off our new addition! Our clients love the fact that our shop doors are open to them to view, discuss and personally pick out the stone slab for their project.

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We’re ready for you to come and find the best slap for your next project. Contact us now. Our service is “Rock Solid” and we can help.