Need a littler more inspiration in your kitchen? Are there repairs needed? Issues with plumbing, flow of the kitchen, other scope of work? Once you have decided to update one of the favorite and usually the main gathering place of your home, we have a few tips to help you in the planning and remodel of your kitchen. We highly recommend finding a great contractor that can guide you through the renovation process. The end results will ensure your remodel is done correctly and the finished kitchen will add intrinsic value to your home.

1. Create a budget.

You need to plan your funds when you decide to remodel your kitchen. It would entail purchases of materials and other equipment. You would also need to pay for labor. Allocate a budget for this. It is advisable when allocating a budget for the kitchen, you can anticipate spending 29% for cabinets and hardware, 22% for design and installation, 16% for ceilings, floors, windows, walls and doors, 14% for appliances and ventilation, 10% for counters and 9% for electrical and plumbing. You can use these figures as a planning guide.

2. Take note of renovation priorities.

You may feel that high-end  cabinets are a priority, or new wall paint, new appliances, revised kitchen layout, quality countertops and numerous other upgrades. Make a list. As work through your list, do not forget important items you may want or need like a faucet, large kitchen sink or great lighting.

3. Plan a scope of work.

Your contractor will know this well but it is important that you know it too. You can create your own scope of work. Where do you want the work to start? Make a list of which part you want to be done first. Show this to your contractor. A good contractor will give you some suggestions on planning, timing and expectations.

4. Finalize fixtures and finishes.

Compile an idea folder for your kitchen, you probably already know if you want a modern or classic design. But you also need to finalize your finishes and fixtures that include the lighting, countertop material, appliances, door style, cabinetry construction style, kitchen sink, back-splash, flooring, decorative hardware and other ideas you have for the finished area.

A professional contractor will not only assist you in the redesign and execution of  your remodel, but ensure it is done correctly and to code. Research the company’s background to make sure the remodeling professional has the experience and ability to guide you in creating your dream kitchen. Look into their previous work. Check references. Meet with them and discuss your plans. If you get along well, their references check out positive, and the price is right, then you can feel confident about your choice and the finished update. Now, it’s time to remodel and look forward to a fabulous, updated kitchen!