At CSW we take pride in our quality, communication, and integrity. That is why we’re facing the current supply chain challenges head on. Issues involve logistics challenges from stone imports to container availability to shortage of truck drivers to deliver granite and quartz. While we believe that the current state of stone slab supply is TEMPORARY, we want to be transparent and set expectations to assist you to the best of our ability.

Here are The Issues:

The primary issues at this time involve logistics challenges. There are reports of container shortages at the originating ports (all countries.) When material is available to ship, the material must wait for container/ship space. Once material does arrive in the US, it is getting delayed in the receiving port. There are reports of containers sitting in NY and CA ports for 4-6 weeks before getting unloaded and placed on railcars. This is due to overwhelming amount of material coming in and not enough resources to handle this flow. Once material is placed on a railcar and arrives at its destination, in our case, Kansas City, the same delays are happening in placing containers on trucks to deliver materials to the appropriate warehouse. Reports of shortages in chassis and trucks at rail yards continue as well.

Logistics and container shortages have resulted in sharply increasing transportation charges. Container, rail, and trucking pricing continues to increase.

In addition, India has been hit hard with a second round of Covid and some factories have been affected, however it is not the main reason for the delays. The material shortage is widespread along all imported products.

Quartz Availability

Calacatta Laza Quartz is currently waiting on 2 containers for Kansas that are in the states. It appears it will arrive here in approximately 2 weeks. The next container of Calacatta Laza is on the water and may be 4-6 weeks out for delivery. This will be an issue for the foreseeable future.

Calacatta Ultra Quartz supply looks a little brighter.  Currently there are 4 containers in the US, headed to Kansas. Approximate deliver date for Calacatta Ultra is within 2 weeks.

Quartz availability for Carrara Marmi, Calacatta Vicenza, Carrara Grigio, Carrara Mist are available.

Granite Availability

Granite was readily available until recently. We are now getting low on some colors. The supply of granite slabs is also changing quickly, based on supply and demand.

Sinks are another product that are affected by the same supply chain. They have become harder to get in the current supply environment.

Unfortunately, we do not see any relief anytime soon, definitely through the Summer. Others in the industry believe it will take another 12 months before we see any relief.

How We Are Managing the Current Supply Challenges:

Rest assured that the team at CSW is committed to doing everything we can to manage the situation. A few of the things we are doing to help include (but are not limited to):

  1. Keeping our customers informed and up to date.
  2. Investing in inventory.
  3. Ordering containers far in advance to ensure that materials can ship.
  4. Offering our clients creative solutions, such as domestic substitutions that help to keep your projects continue to move forward.
  5. Continuing to review and innovate our ways of working to increase efficiency wherever possible.
  6. Identifying producers with larger production capabilities located in the USA to alleviate supply shortages from overseas manufacturers.
  7. Adding product lines to our extensive offerings so that options are available when the material of choice has a significant backorder.
CSW Granite & Quartz Inventory

Understanding the Challenges

  1. The normal timeframe to order and ship materials no longer applies.
  2. Order your materials well in advance! We really can’t stress the importance of this enough. Please be sure to order weeks to months in advance. This will help to secure the products you want and need so that they are available to you when you need them.
  3. Prices are unstable. They fluctuate daily and are increasing frequently.
  4. There are inventory shortages nationwide. We may have limited stock or backorders on staple products. We are replenishing inventory as quickly as possible in this environment.
  5. If we have the materials in stock, we highly recommend you secure what you need by placing your order with a deposit.
  6. This situation is TEMPORARY. Please note that advanced planning, minimal changes and patience are crucial to minimizing delays with regards to your order.
  7. The team at CSW will keep you informed. We are here to work with you through these challenges.

At CSW, we believe honesty is the best policy.  We want to be transparent with our customers because you are what matters most to us. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have along the way. We thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions regarding your order, please reach out to one of our staff members for more information.