CSW.PolishIIIThe team at Canaan Stone Works, one of KC’s leading fabricators of natural and engineered stone, is upgrading equipment, again. The latest addition to CSW’s growing production facility is the Fastback® II – Edge Polisher, engineered and manufactured in the USA by Park Industries.  Park Industries, based in St. Cloud, MN, has been designing and building high precision machines for the stone industry since 1953.

Jerry Lee, owner and operations guru of Canaan Stone Works, continually searches the market for new equipment.  His focus is on better processes that will improve quality, increase production efficiency, and fabricate the best stone countertops at a value.



In a single pass, the FASTBACK® II will edge, polish, and chamfer countertops and backsplash at a rate of up to 150 lineal feet per hour.  This incredible machine can manage material that is 1 – 6 cm thick, 16” to 12’ long, and 3” – 30+” wide.  Producing straight flat edges to 45 degree chamfer top and bottom edge corners up to 1/16”.

CSW.Quartz SmoothCSW.Polish IIThe team at Canaan Stone Works takes pride in the quality of their finished product. In the past, finished countertops have always been produced with an exceptional hand-polished edge. The addition of the Fastback® II – edge polisher delivers high-quality flat edges that are produced at a rate up to 150 lineal feet per hour. This increases production by a rate of almost 10 times faster than hand polishing.

CSW.Polish.17While the new equipment does increase production time, there are still custom countertops that require hand polishing due to angles and cutouts that are inherent in the fabrication of custom countertops.


The team at CSW understands that when you order custom stone countertops you expect quality at a value. Continual assessment of production techniques is an on-going part of the business. This team strives to deliver the best quality, custom countertops at a value.

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